Rii i8 Mini Wireless Touchpad with Keyboard review

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I Bought Rii i8 Mini Wireless Touchpad with Keyboard on December Last year, so I thought it will be nice to make a review on the product
I have been using this product for the last 5 months and I found this is a very  useful gadget which you must purchase

There are may model of full-sized Keyboards, Mini Keyboard with the touchpad & Mouse (which I didn’t find any product related to it) is available on their website product list, First of all, let me introduce the manufacture of this product, Rii stands for Riiket (AKA)”Shenzhen Riiket Technology Company”,

I found this Bluetooth Mini keyboard + touchpad on Amazon at a very cheap price, I have put a link to this post so that you can easily find the product which I purchase, there are many models available (for eg: there is a similar model named Rii i8+ which has backlight and another cools features) but for my needs this is will do much better, okay let me tell you the features

Unboxing Pictures


Package Contents


  1. Keyboard touchpad combo & USB Bluetooth Dongle(inside)
  2. USB Wireless Receiver
  3. User Manual
  4. USB Charging cable
  5. Battery 810mAh (inside)
As far as I know, there are two more variants are available in the market, I will share you the links below

Rii i8+ Variant (Six Colors Available)

Rii i8x Variant

User Experience


Well Rii i8 Mini is the minimal and cheap and outdated design it doesn’t come with back light or any other cool features like its other variants if you have are planning to set up a Home theater with a cheap handy Bluetooth Keyboard & Touch pad this is it, it has a full QWERTY keyboard & dedicated buttons like search, home(open My computer, or in Linux opens home directory ), browser home button, function keys, one pair of right & left click, dedicated media controls like volume up down, play forward/backward, pause, up/down/left/right keys etc

so far so impressive, just plug and play, I have used this on my Ubuntu PC, Fedora Workstation, Windows 10, and my android phone with help of an OTG cable, just connect dongle it just works

if we consider the power usage well it depends, for me it’s like 2 charging for the last 5 months because I only use this keyboard when ever its required, one thing I have noticed is that when battery is about to drain out your touchpad will fail to respond properly, first it thought it may be a hardware issue, after recharging it fixed

I haven’t tried next versions of this keyboards yet, now I am planning to make a review on those products in the future

Written By George Sruthin

Founder of techridez.com, a Server Support Engineer, a tech blogger, Loves Web Designing.

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