NVMe over Fabrics     The performance of storage technology increased 100 times in the last 5 years. with the…

NVMe over Fabrics



The performance of storage technology increased 100 times in the last 5 years.
with the introduction if flash based solid state drives SSD’s especially SSD’s connected over NVMe Non volatile memory express is a specification which enables a SSD to take advantage of high speed peripheral component interconnect express PCIe bus in the computer by connecting directly into it.


As the performance of the storage gets faster, the network wire speed and protocols become the bottleneck we can speed up the wires with the latest Ethernet and Inifiniband speeds. But without faster protocol technologies these new SSD’s and NVMe technologies will have their performance locked up inside the server.


NVMe over Fabrics NVMe-oF is an exciting networking storage technology. allowing you to take full advantages of SSD’s performance across ether net or Infiniband networks. NVMe-oF is designed to leverage the performance of NVMe technology across the network using RDMA (remote direct memory access) RDMA enables data in memory to transfer between computers and storage devices across the network with little to no CPU usage.



NVMe over fabrics technology enables.


1, Extremely high bandwidth.


2, Low fabric latency.


3, Scalability, management and storage fault isolation.


4, Better utilization of the storage, rack-space and power.


5, Sharing storage across multiple servers.


6, Compute and storage can be disconnected from each other or dis-aggregated.


NVMe-oF is the perfect technology to fill the recent performance gap between storage and storage network technology







Written By Teffin Varghese

Server Administrator

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