things you need to install android in your pc , mac


  • Install virtual box 
  • install virtualbox extension pack 
  • download android iso 

Open up your virtual box app

click new to install new os virtually 
name it , select os type
so select linux , version as other linux
Set up Memory for virtualbox in this tutorial i have given 512 mb 
Set up Disk space 
select virtual disk type in here i have selected .vdi (virtualbox disk image)
now select virutal disk storage type ! “always select dynamic ”  
 i have given 15 Gb for my android os 
now click create done ! 
now select your os from virtualbox click start 
then a popup box appear asking for disk image select os iso 
select it and click start on next screen 
here android start 
move arrow key to below and select 
“Installation – Install Android-x86 to harddist “
select create partition 
@ next screen hit new 
select primary at next screen 
select new 
select write 
at this time os will ask you to say yes or no 
 so type ” yes ” to write  and hit enter 
then select file system as ext3 
select install grub as yes 
select android  done 
after the installation it will ask to reboot but dont reboot 
there will show three options 
  • run android 
  • make fake flash drive 
  • exit
so select make fake flash drive 
Thank you for watching this tutorial ! 🙂 
How to configure android network in virtualbox see this ! 
after that watch this video 


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