This is a tutorial about how to customize your ubuntu , Mint looks like Mac os x

for ubuntu users you need to install cinnamon

after that follow below instructions 

for that visit my earlier url about how to install cinnamon interface in ubuntu 

here is the link   click here to know how-to-install-cinnamon desktop

for Mint users follow below instructions

install cairo-dock

open up your terminal type

 sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

after installing cairo-dock change your panel position from bottom to top 

for that right click on cinnamon panel > settings > all settings >panel > panel layout > Flipped (panel at the top )
then restart your cinnamon interface for that press alt key + F2 key then type   
then press Enter 
after this process you can notice that your panel appear at top of your desktop 

now open your cairo-dock app from menu which we have installed before *(open Glx-dock (Cairo-dock with openGl))

now its time to configure your Cairo-dock
cario-dock is the main attraction ! so we have to customize it looks like Mac’s Dock
for that

right click on cario-dock and cairo-dock configure then themes and apply Macosx theme

click on behavior tab , visiblility of the main dock > reserve space for the dock ! do exactly shown in screenshot

then icons animations and effect unmark all effect as shown in screenshot

after applying dock

now you need to apply a new cinnamon theme for that go to this url and download this zip file to your desktop


then  extract it to desktop then open this ( /usr/share/themes )location using root (right click the folder and open via root ) and drag extracted cinnamon theme folder to  this location     /usr/share/themes

its time to edit Menuicon

apple menu has an apple icon

to do that

right click on menu in panel > Menu settings or right click on the panel settings  >  all settings then  Menu

erase Menu text

download Apple Menu icon from this url    click here to dowload Apple icon


show the path of newly downloaded Apple icon (save it in /home/your_desktop_profile/Pictures)

press alt key + F2 keyhen press r Hit Enter key   ,  this is to refresh cinnamon interface ! then
click on all settings in cinnamon settings > themes > select newly added tout theme

do its once more Alt key + F2 then press r Hit Enter key

install Ubuntu-tweak tool

then download icon theme called snow sabre from this link Click to download snow sabre icons

then install it using ubuntu tweak tool

at last you need to move your windows buttons to left side  for that 
open cinnamon settings and windows 

now rearrange buttons to left close , minimize , Maximize !

then if you want to customize your cairo dock shortcut applet to looks like 
lauchpad applet ! follow this instructions 
download this icon to picture folder in your home folder 

click right click shortcut applet on cairo-dock > shortcuts > edit > icons tab and 
 rename shortcut to ( Launchpad ) then click on open button on image filename
select launchpad icon that you have download earlier ! done 


now its time  to decorate your desktop with Mac os x Lion or Mountain Lion HD Wallpapers

here my collection

                                           Mac os x HD wallpaper  Here


                      Some Selected Wallpapers ! click here

                     Here is my Mac looking desktop 

Work spaces just like Mac os x Lion and Mountain Lion ! 🙂 

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