Click for Full Preview.  ;) Now on to the fine print… =P

I always thought iOS lent itself nicely to a simple Cham theme, just needed a frame, and that’s where the iPad came in. Came together easily after that, though the hardest part (By Far) is having to adjust for the various bugs/quirks Chameleon has. Once finished, I couldn’t help but mimic typical Apple advertising.  ;D

Technical Notes

-Theme was designed for 1920×1200 and cropped for 1680×1050. 1366×768 required a resize of the iPad and devices.

-Icons are adjusted to look as close to the mockup as possible in the options screen. Some effects look exaggerated because of this in the first/countdown screen.

-By Default, the theme uses an invisble/hidden font_small, so you will not be able to see your partition names. If you need the functionality, there is an alternate font_small included. The obligatory Ubuntu alternate is also included.

-PSD is 1920×1200. Resizing will be necessary for your resolution if you’d like to customize it. The PSD was simplified so it can be easier to use, hopefully it’s all you’d need. It’s easy to drop in a wallpaper between the Default one, and the Shadowing layer. It’s then simply a matter of resizing the wallpaper to your preference. The App icon template isn’t much more complicated than that either. I whipped up an example Firefox app icon. Guides are also included for convenience.

-Theme is RC5 designed, but works with any version of Cham 2. You will see a red arrow in older versions of Cham2 to indicate a selection.

Thank you.
Downloads below.