What you needed ?

  1. an ISO image of windows 8 (Windows 7 also works with this method)or DVD media
  2. 8Gb Pendrive (depends on iso size if less than 4 gb you need 4 gb Pendrive )  
  3. Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed PC 
  4. Daemon tool or Winrar to mount iso image (here i an using Daemon tool)


First click on start button and type cmd then select cmd from search result and right click then open it as administrator

it will ask you for permission click yes 

then you can see command prompt 

connect your pendrive to your pc 

now type in the command prompt 


now it will load a system program called disk part 

then type 

 list disk 

now it will show you all partitions in pc including pendrive 
then select pendrive with its number by typing 

 select disk  ( your pendrive number here )

now type 

 list volume

then select your pendrive volume with your volume number like this 
  select  volume (your volume number here)

now type 


then type 

  format fs=ntfs label="Windows 8 USB"

 format fs=ntfs label="Windows 8 USB" quick 
for quick format 
some times quick format does not works thats why i have used normal format 

here format =  is command for format

fs= which  file format to select like ntfs , fat etc 

label = drive name 
this will take few more times to complete 
its completed 

now type 


assign is a command used for give Drive letter to a partition with out giving assign ! you cant mount partition 

now type


then open Windows 8 USB drive 

then mount your iso image using (daemon tool or Winrar )or insert your Windows 8 DVD to pc 

then copy all files in your Media to your USB Drive 

eject USB drive after copying then reboot , change first boot order from bios to USB drive 


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