for this you need few things

  1. Computer
  2. Internet
  3. account 
  4. Dj  softwares
first register an account in  < = click here to

during registration you have to create two passwords

  1. login password 
  2. broadcasting password
you have to remember both passwords because every time you have to use both passwords to broadcast !
no you have to download Dj client 
i recommend mixxx because its available  for all os , i am using Mac here 
Note #
before installing mac you have to download a package file and install it in your Mac its called lame 
click here to get package lame package url  download it double click and install it 
to download Mixxx you have to go to this link  mixxx downloading url
install it      

its easier in all os in Mac download dmg file mount it then drag it to application folder done
Note #
you can also install it from app store but i recommend dmg version from site because due to licensing restrictions, vinyl control is not available in Mixxx from App store !

Windows # just download exe file install it

Linux #  open up terminal and type command which is given in Mixxx site

after installing all things

open mixxx
then click mixxx > Preferences > select live broadcasting

now open

sign in using login id and login password (during all kind of changes happen in site eg login , changes in settings etc site will give you captcha for security reasons )

then go to drashboard > server tab > then click on START YOUR RADIO SERVER


you have to do this ” starting server ”  every time you start broadcasting

now you will get your setting details which need to enter in your Mixxx Dj client

now you have to enter same details to Live broadcast tab in Mixxx Client

looks like this

now play some songs and click on enable Options > Live broadcasting

Now you can broadcast your songs 😀

plays songs in mixxx

and give your url like

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