Navdy is designed to give you relevant information at a glance and the power to respond to that information with voice and touch-less gesture controls. Its core features include:

  • Showing turn-by-turn navigation instructions in real time.
  • Displaying information about your car such as your current speed, RPM or fuel economy.
  • Safer display of text messages and other notifications from your phone.
  • Accepting and initiating calls without looking at your phone.
  • Playing, pausing, and skipping music streaming from your phone.
Navdy has no buttons, other than the power button. While you’re driving you’ll be able to control Navdy entirely with voice and touch-less gesture controls. Configuration (such as adjusting preferences or installing new apps) is done through your smartphone between trips.


Ask Navdy to “compose new tweet”, “write new text” or “call mom” using the voice commands you’re already familiar with – Google Now or Siri.


                                                          Nothing could be more natural

Swipe left to answer a call, or right to dismiss an untimely notification. No more looking down to fumble with knobs, buttons or touch screens.

The notifications you want from the apps you love

Any notification on your phone (text, social, etc) can be displayed, read aloud or disabled entirely. Decide what you want to appear when.


Navdy extends the apps you already have on your phone. No service plans required.

There are even parental controls to keep teenagers safe. 


Forty times brighter than an iPhone or Android phone

Navigation won’t disappear when a call 

comes in

Works with any music app

Navdy connects to your car’s computer to let

 you tap into its performance and

vitals. Whether it’s your fuel economy, tire 

pressure, RPM, or any number of

diagnostics your car computer offers, navdy 

has access and so do you. 

With more navigation apps on the way


  1. 5.1″ wide transparent Head-Up Display (HUD)
  2. High quality projector
  3. IR camera for touchless gesture control
  4. Accelerometer, e-compass, ambient light sensor
  5. WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0/LE
  6. Audio out via Bluetooth or 3.5mm minijack,

    mini-USB port

  7. Internal speaker and microphone with

    noise canceling DSP

  8. Dual core processor running Android 4.4
  9. OBD-II power and data connection to car

    computer, with optional 12 volt power adapter

  10. Portable, bendable, non-marking, powered friction

    mount, with magnetic connection to the device

  11. Dimensions (excluding mount): width: 130mm,

    depth: 140mm, height: 95mm (including display)

Ships early 2015

$299 retail $499

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