Open Terminal app and type following commands

sudo apt-get install conky-all lm-sensors


sudo sensors-detect 

  (choose YES to all YES/no questions).

  Run :

service module-init-tools start

This will read the changes you made to /etc/modules, and insert the new modules into the kernel.
click image to download conky files 

Click Image below to download conky fileOR   click to download file

 Extract file to your home folder.

*For Linux Mint Mate edition (But not for Cinnamon ) open /home/.conkyrc and replace “own_window_type normal” with “ own_window_type override”.

Run in terminal :


*To kill conky open terminal and type

 killall conky 

For Autostart:

Go to Startup Applications and add in the name box ”conky” and in the command box “conky” . Logout
and login your conky is running now !

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