Month: June 2017

How To Setup DRBD on CentOS.

Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) DRBD is a distributed replicated storage system for the Linux platform. It is implemented as a kernel driver, several user space management applications, and some shell scripts. DRBD is traditionally used in high availability (HA) computer clusters, but beginning with DRBD version 9, it can also be used to create larger software defined storage pools with a focus on cloud integration. Comparison to RAID-1 ===================== DRBD bears a superficial similarity to RAID-1 in that it involves a copy of data on two storage devices, such that if one fails, the data on the other...

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Configuring RAID level 1 on Linux using mdadm.

Okay, What is RAID 🙂 RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a data storage virtualization technology. It combines multiple inexpensive,small disk drives into an array of disks in order to provide redundancy, lower latency and maximized the chance to recover data from the hard drives If they crashes. And there by improving the performance. The RAID appears to the system as a single drive. RAID can be implemented via Hardware devices as RAID controllers or via software controlled by the Linux Kernel. The most commonly used RAID levels are RAID 0 [Minimum of 2 Disk] RAID 1 [Minimum...

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What is BGP ?

BGP stands for Border Gateway Protocol. When you make a modem connection to your ISP and want to connect to, for instance,, all the routers along the way have to know where to send the packets you’re sending to our Web server, and the packets from the server have to find their way back to your computer. For the first few hops, this isn’t much of the problem. For instance, your computer only knows the packets don’t have a local destination, so they should be sent over the modem connection. This can continue for a while, but at...

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How to Enable Nic Teaming in Windows Server 2012 r2

In Server Manager, click Local Server. In the Properties pane locate NIC Teaming, and then click the link Disabled to the right. The NIC Teaming dialog box opens. In Adapters and Interfaces, select the network adapters that you want to add to a NIC Team. Click TASKS or Right Click, and then click Add to New Team. The New team dialog box opens and displays network adapters and team members. In Team name, type a name for the new NIC can get an option to select interface then click okay after that go and check your network adapters , now you can see a new adapter with Nic team name, change ip in that adapter, done...

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How to fix Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address issue Windows Server 2012 r2

Today when i install Windows Server 2012 r2 OS in a new HPE Proliant DL 380 server, after the os installation i have added ip manually to the Ethernet interface, but i get a Limited Access error,so i double check the ip is correct or not, i was right ip is correct, so i disabled firewall ,then i checked by typing ipconfig in the command prompt and i get result as follows   Ethernet adapter Ethernet: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Description . . . . . . . . . . . : HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331T Adapter...

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