How to make Multiple ISO bootable Pendrive (Windows & Linux same time)

Connect your usb drive to your pc (min 8gb)

Open up gparted tool in you linux

format your pendrive in fat32 format

after that download grub4dos-0.4.5c (not grub4dos-0.4.6a)

here is the link

and extract it to the desktop

type following command in terminal


which will give you details about your pendrive and all drives

  • from there you can find your filesystem name of pendrive

  • in this case its /dev/sde1 but in the following command line we only need to use /dev/sde

then install the grub4dos on the MBR with zero second time-out on your USB Stick,by typing the following command in the terminal

 sudo ~/Desktop/grub4dos-0.4.5c/ --time-out=0 /dev/sde 

Note: You can change the path to your grub4dos folder. sde is your USB and can be checked by ” df ” command in a terminal or by using the gparted or disk utility tools

Copying Easy2Boot files to USB

your pendrive is ready to boot , but we need menu files, which are necessary to detect the .ISO files in your USB.

go to Easy2Boot website

then extract its files to your pendrive

after that you find both windows and linux related ISO folders simply copy your ISO’s to corresponding  OS folders

Adding Linux .ISO files
 After that adding Windows ISO Files to Windows Version Folder

dont just put windows ISO file to _ISO/WINDOWS like _ISO/LINUX because in windows folder  there is Version Folders you have to put it there like ” XP,VISTA,WIN7,WIN8,SVR2K8R2,SVR2012 “

after this you need to defragment the folders in the USB drive,To defrag your USB drive, download the defrags-1.1.1.gz file from

extract it to desktop
then unmount using this command

 sudo umount /dev/sdd1

/dev/sdd1  (i have reboot pc so its changes from sde to sdd) type in terminal        ” df  ” to find current one 

sdd1 is the partition on my usb which has the E2B files.

 sudo mkdir ~/Desktop/usb && sudo mount /dev/sdd1 ~/Desktop/usb

 sudo perl ~/Desktop/defragfs ~/Desktop/usb -f

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