go to Google play and search HP iLO or here is the link to Google Play 

Supported servers

  • HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers
  • HP ProLiant G7 Servers

Supported mobile operating systems

  • Android 2.2 or greater
  • iOS 4.3 or greater


  • Operate the server power switch
  • Use the Remote Console to interact with the operating system, including BIOS and ROM configuration changes
  • Mount an ISO CD/DVD image. The disk image is available on the server as a USB CD/DVD drive. You can boot from the disk image and deploy an operating system
  • Launch HP iLO scripts and monitor their progress
  • Access the iLO web interface
  • Store the list of servers you want to manage
install it and launch it 

after launching the application click 
configure iLO option
add assigned ip for iLO 
Login name and password

click done after adding the details 
click the iLO ip 
you will get 3 options 
  1. Remote Console
  2. Lauch Script
  3. iLO Web Interface
click Remote Console
 for using iLO

Quick tips

  • Show/Hide menu bar – Tap once with two fingers to show or hide the menu bar in the Remote Console
  • Show/Hide iLO web interface – Tap the server health icon in the Remote Console to show or hide the iLO web interface
  • Ctrl/Alt/Del Command – Tap Ctrl+Alt+backspace to enter the Ctrl+Alt+Del command

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