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What ever kind of applications that you are running it’s pretty certain that you are going to need severs, Sometimes you need larger ones, Some time you need smaller ones, Sometimes you need one and sometimes you need thousands of them.

What if your requirement, you need to obtain services quickly and inexpensively? Traditionally provisioning servers can be time consuming and it could takes many days or weeks. You have to research into the right kind of hardware to buy and need to purchase the hardware, have it racked and stacked and eventually get access to your servers and once you purchase the servers you stuck with them.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) makes it easy for you to obtain virtual servers also known as compute instances in the cloud quickly and inexpensively. You simply choose the instance type you want, the template you are going to use, the templates are based on Windows or Linux and launch the quantity you are going to need. You can do this by few clicks from the AWS management console or automate the process by APK using and SDK in your choice of language and within minuted your instances will be running and you have access full administrator control just like any other server and with Amazon EC2 you only pay for your use. Once you done with the instance, Stop them and you stop paying for them.

Amazon EC2 provides you different ranges of instance type design for different use-cases, these range from small and economical instances that are great for low volume applications, all the way up to cluster compute instances run for high performance compute workload and cloud based super-computing on demand.

Amazon EC2 provides instance optimized for compute, memory, storage and GPU processing enable you to find the right price and performance combinations for what ever workloads you want to run. It’s also really easy to resize your instances if your business or applications requirement change, Amazon EC2 offers a choice of flexible pricing options with on demand pricing you only pay for what you use, When you stop your instances you stop paying. There are no long term commitments or upfront fees. Reserved instance pricing lets you obtain a significant discount over the on demand pricing return for a low one time payment. Spot instance pricing lets you name the price that you want to pay for the instances using marketplace pricing and allow you to obtain compute capacity at significant discount than the on-demand price.

Amazon knows the security is very important for your applications and Amazon EC2 provides a number of built in security features your instances located on a virtual private cloud or a VPC, that is logically isolated network that you control. Amazon VPC provides you with a number of network security tools that you can use to control that who can access your instances. You can also connects securely to your on premises network with hardware based VPN device.

Amazon EC2 instances provides you various amount of directly attached temporary storage depends on instance type and you can also use Amazon Elastic Block store or EBS to provide persistent block storage fop your Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EBS also offers you to the ability to provision storage with the specific level of performance to meets the needs of your application. They can be difficult to predict the demand of your application might experience an Amazon EC2 provides auto-scaling o help insure your applications demand are met Also auto-scaling lets you to define metrics increase or decrease the number of instances that you are running.
You can use standard metrics such as network,Bandwidth or CPU utilization with the custom metric you designed. This help you insure that you can meet your application demand with only pay for what you use.


Written By Teffin Varghese

Server Administrator

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