Month: December 2014

Firefox Developer Edition

Mozilla Firefox Released Firefox Developer Edition Built for those who build the Web Introducing the only browser made for developers like you. how to install in Linux click here Designed for developers The only browser made just for developers, Firefox Developer Edition was created with your workflow in mind. Build, test, scale and more all from one place, for the first time ever. Debug any browser Inspect and debug your app across any browser or device with Valence — a powerful, pre-installed extension that you’ll only find in Firefox Developer Edition. Pixel-perfect coding Target screen sizes with the Responsive...

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How to Delete Google + Community

How to Delete your Google Plus Community ? if you are planning to delete your Google + community but you don’t figure it out how to, here the answer  How to : Sign in to your Google + account and select your community which you want to delete  then click on Action Button and Select Edit Community  After page opens click “Delete this Community” link Pop-up window will show and ask you for confirmation, just tick mark in the check box then click on Delete Community...

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How to fix Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/) error in Linux

Some of you may experience this error in your life if you are using linux .it happens when previous installation fails , here is the screenshot which is happened in my Linux Distro E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock – open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?  its very easy to fix this error just type following commands in your terminal sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock   this will delete the “lock” directory in /var/lib/dpkg/ after that you can install what ever you...

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How to fix Virtual Device error in Skype in linux Linux

How to fix Virtual Device error in Skype in linux all audio devices detects as “Virtual Device” in this case my Skype Version is  4.2 version also have this issue  this is occur because your system don’t have libpulse0:i386 package ! all you need is to install the package to fix the issue now open up your terminal  , type following command line  sudo apt-get install libpulse0:i386                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              type your password and press enter press y and press enter to begin installation of package after installation , quit Skype and relaunch ,  go to Skype ==Options ==Sound Devices == and check , now you can find PulseAudio detects Check your Skype with Sound...

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HP’s “The Machine” A New Kind of Computer

HP’s The Machine : A New Kind of computer  By 2020, 30 billion connected devices will generate unprecedented amounts of data. The infrastructure required to collect, process, store, and analyze this data requires transformational changes in the foundations of computing. Bottom line: current systems can’t handle where we are headed and we need a new solution. HP has that solution in The Machine. By discarding a computing model that has stood unchallenged for sixty years, we are poised to leave sixty years of compromises and inefficiencies behind. We’re pushing the boundaries of the physics behind IT, using electrons for computation, photons for communication, and ions for storage. Prototype of HP’s The Machine @ HP Lab’s The Machine will fuse memory and storage, flatten complex data hierarchies, bring processing closer to the data, embed security control points throughout the hardware and software stacks, and enable management and assurance of the system at scale.The Machine will reinvent the fundamental architecture of computers to enable a quantum leap in performance and efficiency, while lowering costs over the long term and improving security.The industry is at a technology inflection point that HP is uniquely positioned to take advantage of going forward. The Machine demonstrates the innovation agenda that will drive our company, and the world, forward. At HP Discover in Las Vegas, Martin Fink will tell you their vision of future for the...

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