How to retrieve a serial from a remote computer

How to retrieve a serial from a remote computer

To find serial number of a given system ,you need system host-name of targeted machine , and it has to be online in the lan (network)

then open “cmd” then ping your hostname 

if you receive all 4 packets back that means your targeted machine is online in the lan

now type following command in the command prompt

wmic /NODE: "INDIA-L090" bios get serialnumber

In this tutorial i have used “INDIA-L090” as host name this may vary in your case



How to remove WOUtempAdmin User Profile

How to remove WOUtempAdmin User Profile

I have got this error after updating system using WSUS Offline utility,after successful update system restarts And the login screen by default shows the username of WOUTempAdmin. Not a big deal as I can log in with my admin account. But still a pain.

to fix this issue you have to follow the steps:

Press “Windows Key” and “R

type “regedit” press Ok

Run “regedit” this will open Registry Editor

Note* Be careful when editing the registry. Don’t go into the registry editor and delete anything or change a setting unless you know exactly what you’re doing. If you do know what you’re doing and are careful to modify only the correct values, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if you start deleting folders (known as “registry keys”) or modifying other values, you could seriously damage your Windows installation. When using the registry editor, always bear this warning in mind.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon


Change DefaultUserName to your default user for eg: Administrator , i have used fragadmin0608 instead of Administrator this may vary


then within the registry you can find AutoAdminLogon

delete AutoAdminLogin

Confirm delete by pressing yes

Press F3 and search for any entry containing “woutemplogin” and delete it as long as the searchphrase can’t be found any more,then restart your system

After restart if you can see your login screen with your default username .then your issue is fixed

best of luck .

How to Convert batch file to Exe

How to Convert batch file to Exe

Things you need

  • advancedbattoexeconverter.exe
  • a batch file


Now we have to add script to script file and verify it , if its works we can continue to further setup, then download advancedbattoexeconverter.exe and install in your system, Click to download app


I am using a simple script “which will show ipconfig result”for this tutorial , SORRY i have mistakenly named script file to ping.bat instead of ipconfig.bat 😀

Right click the batch file and click on “Open with Advanced BAT to EXE” option

Within the app you can read or edit script you have created, there are a lot of customization available, but i am skipping it and going to build exe, click on the “Build Exe” Button

This will popup a new windows, there you can add EXE icon, version file embed files and password, But for this tutorial i am going to just build the app, for that just click on Build EXE button , this will ask to save the exe file


save the file as exe, now you can run this file just like an application


Converting script to an exe will ensure more security, others will not get much confidential details whats running background and for the users this will be much more easier to click on a single app installed of executing a script file which is more complex and difficult for them, you can also create silent installation scripts to install application to systems using this kind of method

How to create Vhd from Physical Disk

How to create Vhd from Physical Disk

Its very easy to create vhd from physical disk,
First you need to download Disk2vhd utility from this url

Then run it as Administrator

Now you can see all drives which is associated with the hdd , select drive which you want to convert

to save it give vhd file name and location , then click create

after process complete you can find vhd file in the given exported path

now you can attach this vhd file to any hypervisor or windows diskmanager to access files in it , if it is bootable you can boot that inside virtualbox or vmware workstation

How to Enable God mode in Windows PC

How to Enable God mode in Windows PC

To Create God Mode on your PC you need to login to your Windows Machine with Administrative privilege

Then Right Click on the desktop and create new folder in there

Then Rename it with following name

God Mode .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.

Double clicking this icon will give you access to many features like you see in this picture


How to Remote Desktop (rdp) to Windows using Linux

i am using Linux Mint as client machine

for Ubuntu / Mint open terminal

use this command line to install rdesktop

sudo apt-get install rdesktop

hit enter

then type your password in hidden field

type y and hit enter

after installing rdesktop you have to type this command in terminal window


in this case my server ip is

a windows login window will pop up

use your login account and password to login


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