HP Releases the Next Generation Gen9 Proliant Servers

Building on 25 years of server industry leadership, HP announces a bold new compute strategy to help customers thrive in the era of Big Data, mobility and the cloud. Traditional server silos are too inefficient and slow for the New Style of IT. HP is reimagining the server and thinking instead about compute — the vast pool of processing resources that are converged, software-defined, cloud-ready and workload-optimized for business growth.
The new HP ProLiant Gen9 portfolio is HP’s latest compute milestone, helping customers:
  • Lower IT service costs
  • Accelerate IT service delivery time
  • Boost IT business value
Now available, HP ProLiant Gen9 platforms with Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processor series: BL460cDL160DL180DL360DL380ML350XL230a (HP Apollo 6000), and XL730f (HP Apollo 8000).

Rear view of a DL 380 Gen9 Server 
The Comman Slot power supplies are replaced by Flexible slot power supplies , so the Gen8 power supplies does not fit in Gen9. by choosing for the flexible power supplies this gives you the options to choose for 2 redundant power supplies or for 1 power supply and a battery based power supply in the second slot.This battery gives you up to 5 minutes of power in the server. Power supplies are now rated 500W,800W, 1400W and there is also a  550W power supply for the Gen9 entry level servers DL160 and DL 180

The Smart Array controller is not on-board anymore. This means the RAID controller is now like a FlexLOM Ethernet adapter or add-on card on the motherboard of the server. HP provides besides Smart Array controllers also FlexHBA’s which you need for Microsoft Storage Spaces

In Some models like DL380 Gen9 there is an additional drive cage at the back of the server for 2 SFF or 3 LFF drives . this means you can have up to 26 disks in a DL380 Gen9 – 24 at the front and not 25 any more like in Gen8 , and 2 at the back. by using a SAS expander this can be all managed by 1 RAID Controller Supports in “DL 180, DL380 ,ML 350”
The backup power for the FBWC Smart Array controllers is centralised now in 1 New smart storage battery. it is a single long life Lithium Ion battery which lasts for at least 7 years “Where was the time it was 3 days to survive a weekend?” for all Smart Array controllers and other devices (up to 16 ) . the cabling is also much simpler since power is directly drawn from the motherboard.
The HP Proliant Gen9 Servers support improved ambient temperature ASHAE A3 and A4 3 standards helping to reduce your cooling expenses . Temperatures up to 45°C are supported in select configurations .
Gen9 DL380 Configuration some pictures 
Gen9 ML 350 Configurations Some Pictures

More information go to this HP url : www.hp.com/go/proliant

HP Slate 7 (HP’s first android tablet)

HP announced the HP Slate7, an affordable Android Jelly Bean consumer tablet that provides customers with easy access to Google Mobile services.

With a 7-inch diagonal screen and weighing 13 ounces, the HP Slate7 is an ideal trusted personal companion, featuring a stainless-steel frame and soft black paint in gray or red on the back. It also is the industry’s first tablet to offer embedded Beats Audio, for the best-sounding, richest audio experience available on a tablet.

Powered by an ARM Dual Core Cortex-A9 1.6 GHz processor, the HP Slate7 is fast and responsive. Integrated wireless allows customers to access email, the internet and key applications, while the High-aperture-ratio Field Fringe Switching (HFFS) panel offers wide viewing angles that provide easy viewing of documents, games, photos and videos—even in outdoor lighting conditions.
The HP Slate7 includes a 3-megapixel camera on the back and a VGA camera on the front for chatting, videos and photos.
With the HP ePrint  application, customers can easily print while at home or on the go, and the exclusive native printing capability enables customers to print directly from most applications. A micro USB port allows customers to easily transfer files, and a suite of applications from HP spans exclusive games to productivity tools.
HP will provide an array of simple and easy-to-access support tools and resources to help customers take full advantage of all of the features the HP Slate7 has to offer. In addition to extensive phone and online support offerings included with the HP Slate7, HP is offering customers the opportunity to add to the standard product limited warranty with its HP Care Pack services. HP Slate7 customers will have the option to protect their investment with a two-year HP Care Pack for $29 or a two-year HP Care Pack with Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) for $49

The HP Slate7 is expected to be available in the United States in April with a starting price of $169.

MYO – Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs




Windows and Mac OS will be fully supported, and APIs will additionally be available for iOS and Android developers to integrate the myo on those platforms.

                        UNLEASH YOUR INNER  JEDI.                                                      

With  the wave of your hand, MYO will transform how you interact with your digital world.
Then MYO armband lets you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer,phoneand other favorite digital technologies.

The MYO uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to communicate with the devices it is paired with. It features on-board, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, and a ARM processor. The MYO is outfitted with Thalmic’s proprietary muscle activity sensors. It also features a 6-axis inertial measurement unit.

“Very cool and impressive. I hope this finds its way into our future soon.” – Steve Wozniak

                                              THE MAGIC OF MYO.                                            
Using groundbreaking technology, MYO is able to measure electrical activity in your muscles instantly 
The result is seamless way to interact with computer, and a truly magical sense of control.

only 149* $


late 2013
                         BDEVELOPERS, BUILD ANYTHING.                                        
Developers can thing of ways to use MYO that we haven’t even dreamt of .
Thats why MYO API  lets you utilize MYO’S sophisticated hardware to experiment,build and profit from amazing applications of MYO technology 

to Camera Based 

Gesture Control


      CLICK HERE  ==>      Preorder $149             

NFC (near field communication)


NFC stands for near field communication

its a wireless technology which allows users to transfer data (btw two nfc enabled devices )such as texts or some sort of commands to launch apps in phones or to enable some tasks like enable wifi , alarm , open url ,etc! 
usually its available in market like nfc tags or stickers , wristbands ,key chain etc ! 

it contain small microchips with aerials . this small device has a ability to store a small amount or information and transfer to a near nfc enabled device ! 

its also use in new computer also see eg here 

HP Spectre one review ! see 1:21 that part describe its feature :)!

Hmm nice huaa
 there are many web sites which allow users to buy nfc tags and one of the best is 

they provide better quality products  

what they provide ?…

  • Memory size = 1,024 bytes (1KB) r
  • Rewrite Endurance = 100,000 cycles
  • Data Retention = 10 Years 
  • Operating Frequency = 13.56 MHz
  • Lockable ability =  ” Yes , locking tag will protect data by making the tab read only . Tags can not be unlocked once they are locked ” !
  • Operating range = < 2cm depends on device
  • Device Compatibility =  Compatible with NFC enabled smartphones that have NXP NFC chipset (Read FAQ for more info ) drop in replacement samsung tactiles 

Tag Enclosure Specs

  • Meterial=Rigid White PVC (about as thick as a credit card )

    •  Dimensions = 30 mm disc (1-3/16″-about the size of a US Quarter Dollar coin)

      •  Notes = Waterproof, 3M Adhesive Backing

      Key Chain Enclosure Specs


    •  Material 
    • Gray Plastic 
    • Dimensions
    • 42mm x 36mm x6mm 


How to use nfc tags ? 
  1. Enable NFC in your device 
  2. Goto app store
  3. install NFC app from app store 
  4. format the tab
  5. Create action with the help of NFC app
  6. write action to you tag
  7. touch phone to tag .. action happen ! 
  8. Enjoy your phone ! 

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