Month: November 2012

juz4fun Conky for Linux

 Open Terminal app and type following commands sudo apt-get install conky-all lm-sensors Run: sudo sensors-detect   (choose YES to all YES/no questions).   Run : service module-init-tools start This will read the changes you made to /etc/modules, and insert the new modules into the kernel. click image to download conky files  Click Image below to download conky fileOR   click to download file  Extract file to your home folder.  *For Linux Mint Mate edition (But not for Cinnamon ) open /home/.conkyrc and replace “own_window_type normal” with “ own_window_type override”. Run in terminal : conky *To kill conky open terminal and type killall conky For Autostart: Go to Startup Applications and add in the name box ”conky” and in the command box “conky” . Logout and login your conky is running now...

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How to install mumble in Linux mint / Ubuntu

  What is mumble ?  Mumble is an (VOIP) “Voice over ip ” application primarily designed for use by gamers Mumble uses a client-server architecture which allows users to talk to each other via the same server. it has a very simple administrative interface and features high sound quality and low latency.All communication is encrypted to ensure user privacy  Mumble is free and open-source software, is cross-platform, and is released under the terms of new BSD license. Original author                  :   Thorvald NatviqWritten in                           :   C++Operating system supports :   Linux , Mac OS X  , Microsoft Windows ,iOS,           Android Platform :QtType       : VoIP  Client and server License   : New BSD license Website  :   and    Ubuntu / Linux mint * Note that for the mumble-server package on Debian or Debian-based distributions, you should not start the server manually. After you install and configure it, it will start on its own.  Ubuntu carries whatever Mumble version was current at the time of the release in the universe repository. Mumble team also maintain a PPA that has the latest version for recent Ubuntu versions(Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:slicer it will ask you permission so enter your root password , then press enter key sudo apt-get update paste above terminal commands to update  sudo apt-get install mumble paste above...

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HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b

Features Life-enhancing productivity: The HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b not only looks stunning, it also improves your mobility. AdvancedBluetooth wireless keeps you connected even when you’re on the go and the laser sensor works on most surfaces.[2] Life-enhancing productivity: Bluetooth connectivity keeps you connected on the go and a highly-accurate laser sensor works on most surfaces. Mind-blowing 9-month battery life[1]: 9 months is a very long time. Competitive models at the same price only last 4 and 3 short months[3]. That adds up to the battery in the HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b lasting more than 3x as long. Blissful Bluetooth connection: This absolutely changes the navigation game. The HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b replaces the USB connection to save a port spot. Great news for tablet and Ultrabook™ users where extra USB ports are at an all-time premium. Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista™/7 /8/ Mac OSX Specifications 4.3 oz 2.64 x 4.21 x 1.52 in                                                                                                                                     Price                   39.99 $ only  What’s in the box HP X4000b Bluetooth Mouse; Two AA Batteries; Documentation One-year, worldwide...

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How to make Windows 8 usb bootable

What you needed ? an ISO image of windows 8 (Windows 7 also works with this method)or DVD media 8Gb Pendrive (depends on iso size if less than 4 gb you need 4 gb Pendrive )   Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed PC  Daemon tool or Winrar to mount iso image (here i an using Daemon tool)    + First click on start button and type cmd then select cmd from search result and right click then open it as administrator it will ask you for permission click yes  then you can see command prompt  connect your pendrive to your pc  now type in the command prompt  diskpart now it will load a system program called disk part  then type  list disk now it will show you all partitions in pc including pendrive  then select pendrive with its number by typing  select disk ( your pendrive number here ) now type  list volume then select your pendrive volume with your volume number like this  select volume (your volume number here) now type  active then type  format fs=ntfs label="Windows 8 USB" OR type  format fs=ntfs label="Windows 8 USB" quick  for quick format  some times quick format does not works thats why i have used normal format  *Note  here format =  is command for format fs= which  file format to select like ntfs , fat etc  label = drive name  this...

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How to fix MSVCR100.dll file missing in Medal Of Honour Warfighter while installation

Recently i have installed medal of honor warfighter but after installation there is an error msg popup  saying that      “The Program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your  computer .Try reinstalled the program to fix this problem”     i dont know how to solve this , so i have googled a bit and finaly find a solution , this is coz your system dont have a required .dll file in your  system32 directory      So how to fix this issue ?    solution !    you need to download a dll file from the following...

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