Month: April 2015

How to remove older Android Devices from Google Play

Remove older Android Devices from Google Play As you can see above you can find a list of older devices i have used in the past  its very easy to remove those devices from the list  all you need to do is click on the settings icon on the right corner of the google play page  then select > Settings This will redirect to setting page there you can find your list of older devices  Now you can see your devices  simply uncheck old devices and also update your New Device Nickname and click update , then reload the page and see its changes ! go to your play store page to confirm ! Ta da , you can see now only new device is showing , also updated device...

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How to install Firefox Developer Edition Aurora in Linux using Terminal

                                                    first you need to uninstall existing firefox ! [email protected] ~ $ sudo autoremove firefox then type this command in a terminal to add repository to system [email protected] ~ $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/firefox-aurora then update your system [email protected] ~ $ sudo apt-get update then install firefox this will install firefox Developer Edition (Aurora) [email protected] ~ $ sudo apt-get install...

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