How to install Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 driver in Linux

How to install Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 driver in Linux

To install driver you need these things

  • Driver
  • Updated kernel above 4.6 in my case i have already updated to 4.10
  • basic linux skills
  • internet to download


download driver from above link, then open terminal login as admin by typing sudo su


extract driver to that folder


navigate to that driver folder by typing

cd iwlwifi-3168-ucode-22.361476.0

To install firmware:

  1. Copy the files into the distribution-specific firmware directory, /lib/firmware.
  2. If the directory does not work, consult your distribution documentation.
  3. If you configure the kernel yourself, make sure firmware loading is enabled.


type following command in the terminal

mv * /lib/firmware/
reboot your system , your wifi will be working by now
How to manually install Nvidia Driver and cuda in ubuntu linux

How to manually install Nvidia Driver and cuda in ubuntu linux

Go to nvidia website and download driver, for this tutorial i am using .run file copy the file to your desktop , after that simply right click and select properties > select permissions > tick Execute : allow executing file as program ,

click this link to learn how to make file executable using terminal

after that you need to black list nouveau for that type following command in the terminal


sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf

then copy following text in the nano editor in terminal then save it

blacklist nouveau
blacklist lbm-nouveau
options nouveau modeset=0
alias nouveau off
alias lbm-nouveau off

then type following command in the terminal

sudo update-initramfs -u

reboot your system after this procedure , now you can find your system resolution is changed from recommended to minimal,once login screen appear press Ctrl + Alt +F1 this will switch your interface from GUI to CLI then login by typing your username and password after that you should stop your Desktop Manager, by default ubuntu using lightdm you type following command in the terminal to stop lightdm

sudo service lightdm stop

this will stop gui service running in background then you should navigate to your nvidia driver location by typing cd /Destkop

if you type ls you can find driver which you have copied earlier

after that you need to execute driver installation file for that type following command in the terminal

sudo ./

Please note the driver version which you are using may vary

then follow the instructions !

after installation reboot your system

in my system i have two cards one is Nvidia quadro K2200 & Tesla k40c

so i am going to install cuda to install cuda type follwing command line in the terminal , offline installation is also available i will include that tutorial in the future blog post if you want to download offline cuda package you can download it from

sudo apt-get install nvidia-cuda-toolkit

this package is around 750 mb , installation speed is depend on your internet connecton, after installation reboot your system, to confirm whether both graphics card is detected in your system you can use inxi utility for that install inxi package in your system by typing

sudo apt-get install inxi

after the installation , open terminal and type


inxi -G

congratulations you have successfully install both nvidia driver and cuda

How to make file executable using terminal

How to make file executable using terminal

To give permission to execute a file you should navigate to file copied location in terminal

by default when you open-up the terminal your terminal location will look some thing like this

[email protected] ~ $

if you type “pwd

you can see current directory in the terminal

[email protected] ~ $ pwd

/home/george                                         <—-  currently i have mounted to /home/user

for this tutorial i have copied file in a folder in the desktop so i have to navigate to that directory for eg: my folder name is called “Dashboard”

to navigate that folder i have to type in cd /Desktop/Dashboard

after that type ls so that you can list all files in the terminal

they type following command in the terminal , in my case i am using file as executable this may vary with yours

sudo chmod +x ./

* Note

sudo = root “super user ” permission


chmod = The command name chmod stands for “change mode”, and it is used to define the way a file can be accessed.


+x = this will execute a file


./ = if you are using a script .sh or .run you should use this following by the file name


if you use -x instead of +x this will remove file permission


sudo chmod -x ./

This is will remove permissions

How to configure raid in HP Z840 workstation

How to configure raid in HP Z840 workstation

Power on your workstation and press Ctrl + C in the post screen

now you can find LSI config utility is initializing

with in the utility you can find the LSISAS2308 adapter

select it

in the next screen select raid properties

in the next screen you can find available raids , in our case we have used 512 mb x 3 ssd’s

in the current configuration of this workstation available raid is Raid 1 , Raid 1E , and 10 , and Raid 0

i have selected Raid 1E

in the next menu you have to select raid disks from no to yes and Press “ C “ create raid

in the next menu select “Save changes then exit this menu “


How to Enable Nic Teaming in Windows Server 2012 r2

  • In Server Manager, click Local Server.
  • In the Properties pane locate NIC Teaming, and then click the link Disabled to the right. The NIC Teaming dialog box opens.
  • In Adapters and Interfaces, select the network adapters that you want to add to a NIC Team.
  • Click TASKS or Right Click, and then click Add to New Team.
  • The New team dialog box opens and displays network adapters and team members. In Team name, type a name for the new NIC can get an option to select interface then click okay
  • after that go and check your network adapters , now you can see a new adapter with Nic team name, change ip in that adapter, done


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