Month: May 2017

Network Bonding On Centos.

  Network interface bonding is a Linux kernel feature which allows to aggregate multiple interfaces (eth0,eth1) into one virtual link such as bond0. Network card bonding is an effective way to increase the available bandwidth. If bonded the interfaces appears as same physical device and they have same MAC address. The other names for network interface bonding are port trunking, NIC teaming channel bonding and link aggregation. The main advantage of bonded network interface is to increase data throughput by load balancing and to provide redundancy by allowing fail over from one component device to another. ## How to...

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How to retrieve a serial from a remote computer

To find serial number of a given system ,you need system host-name of targeted machine , and it has to be online in the lan (network) then open “cmd” then ping your hostname  if you receive all 4 packets back that means your targeted machine is online in the lan now type following command in the command prompt wmic /NODE: "INDIA-L090" bios get serialnumber In this tutorial i have used “INDIA-L090” as host name this may vary in your case  ...

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How to remove WOUtempAdmin User Profile

I have got this error after updating system using WSUS Offline utility,after successful update system restarts And the login screen by default shows the username of WOUTempAdmin. Not a big deal as I can log in with my admin account. But still a pain. to fix this issue you have to follow the steps: Press “Windows Key” and “R” type “regedit” press Ok Run “regedit” this will open Registry Editor Note* Be careful when editing the registry. Don’t go into the registry editor and delete anything or change a setting unless you know exactly what you’re doing. If you do know...

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How to Convert batch file to Exe

Things you need advancedbattoexeconverter.exe a batch file   Now we have to add script to script file and verify it , if its works we can continue to further setup, then download advancedbattoexeconverter.exe and install in your system, Click to download app   I am using a simple script “which will show ipconfig result”for this tutorial , SORRY i have mistakenly named script file to ping.bat instead of ipconfig.bat 😀 Right click the batch file and click on “Open with Advanced BAT to EXE” option Within the app you can read or edit script you have created, there are...

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HPE completes Nimble Storage acquisition

HPE has completed the acquisition of Nimble Storage, now a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. This acquisition builds on our strategy to make Hybrid IT simple, through software defined infrastructure with a modern flash-optimized storage foundation. A report by IDC called the acquisition a “bold, strategic move” that will benefit our customers—and HPE couldn’t agree more. The Nimble Storage offerings for predictive all-flash for entry to midrange segments are complementary to our scalable midrange to high-end HPE 3PAR solutions and affordable HPE MSA products. In addition, HPE will incorporate the InfoSight Predictive Analytics platform by Nimble Storage across our existing storage portfolio,...

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