Month: March 2016

How to uninstall NetBeans IDE from Linux

How to uninstall NetBeans IDE from Linux in older version NetBeans default uninstall location was /usr/local/netbeansxxxx  but in new versions they have changed installation locations , actually you can decide to which location to install  in new versions you can easily find the installed location just right click and checking properties of NetBeans Desktop icon   in my case i have installed it in my Home folder  i opened terminal  moved to installation location using cd /installation path *change installation path to yours  in your terminal it will looks like this  type   ./     press enter  uninstall ...

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How to install NetBeans IDE in Linux

How to install Netbeans IDE in Linux first go to netbean download page download the netbeans installer .sh file  open terminal go to download location  make file executable by using following commands in terminal  chmod +x   in your case netbeans file name may very  once you make file executable type following commands in terminal  ./   in your case change to your file name  it will pop up a installation wizard like this just follow the instruction to install  after installation you can find NetBeans IDE icon on your desktop double click it to open the application How to Uninstall NetBeans IDE From Linux Click This...

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