Month: December 2012

Different types of RJ 45 crimping

Difference between Straight Through , Crossover And Rollover Cables There are generally three main types of networking cables. Straight-through, Crossover , and rollover cables . Each cables type has a distinct use , and should not be used in place of another.So how do you know which cable to use for what you need ? The Purpose of Straight-Through Cables Straight-through cables get their name from how they are made. out of the 8 pins that exist on both ends of an Ethernet cable, each pin connects to the same pin on the opposite side. Review the diagram below for a visual Notice how each wire corresponds to the same pin. This kind of wiring diagram is part of the 568B  standard achieves the same thing, but through different wiring. it is generally accepted to use the 568A standard as pictured, since it allows compatibility with certain telephone hardware- while 586B doesn’tStraight-through cables are primarily used for connecting unlike devices. A straight-through cable is typically used in the following situations: Use a Straight-through cable when: Connecting a router to a hub Connecting a computer to a switch Connecting a LAN port to a switch, hub, or computer Note that some devices such as routers will have advanced circuitry, which enables them to use both crossover and straight-through cables. in general, however, straight-through cables will not connect a computer and router because...

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NFC (near field communication)

WHAT IS NFC ? NFC stands for near field communication its a wireless technology which allows users to transfer data (btw two nfc enabled devices )such as texts or some sort of commands to launch apps in phones or to enable some tasks like enable wifi , alarm , open url ,etc!  usually its available in market like nfc tags or stickers , wristbands ,key chain etc !  it contain small microchips with aerials . this small device has a ability to store a small amount or information and transfer to a near nfc enabled device !  its also use in new computer also see eg here  HP Spectre one review ! see 1:21 that part describe its feature :)! Hmm nice huaa  there are many web sites which allow users to buy nfc tags and one of the best is they provide better quality products   what they provide ?… Memory size = 1,024 bytes (1KB) r Rewrite Endurance = 100,000 cycles Data Retention = 10 Years  Operating Frequency = 13.56 MHz Lockable ability =  ” Yes , locking tag will protect data by making the tab read only . Tags can not be unlocked once they are locked ” ! Operating range = < 2cm depends on device Device Compatibility =  Compatible with NFC enabled smartphones that have NXP NFC chipset (Read FAQ for more info )...

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How to see passwords in Browser

     How to see passwords in Browser ? yep you can see your or your friends password while typing or see saved password !  how ?  i will add my video about this tutorial  here i am posting my new tutorial about how to see password in safari , old one doesn’t have that info Thanks for watching my tutorial , plz give your valuable comments and suggestions, share in your social media sites , and Click some ads ;D Thanking you all in anticipation...

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How to connect irc server using irc server ip

when some time you may notice that irc server shows some problem while login to server !  * in this case i have try to login to this irc server and you can see that it  trying to connect to ” “, this is the server ip address of mindforge ,  if it fail , lets try another wayyou have to google about its another ip  if you find another ip from sites just copy it , then type in irc client  /server yourip press enter  eg /server now its connecting , if it fail , try another ip , it will work ! 😀 thanks for reading my article , plz comment , share it , click some ads...

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